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To add your business is free in includes all the following elements:

  • Company Description
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When you add your detail you can add keywords, with relevant words for the search engines

What is?

BolaList.co.uk is a free online business directory listing UK businesses. The directory is still in development and you may notice frequent changes to the way it looks and functions. We continue improve this service. Listing your business in bolalist is free a listing in Bolalist.co.uk will help direct sales leads and enquiries to your business.

BolaList.co.uk is develop by indexed by Google and other search engines, meaning that customers can find your bussines in the listing when they use Google, or other search engines.

How can update my details or add new information to the listing?

Click on the Add in button page

Use the username and password sent to you when you added your listing, or if you need a new username and password, use this link to contact our customer service team and obtain a new one.

Remember the more information you can provide about your business and your products, the more you increase your chances of being found by the major search engines.

When you add your Product or Service keywords you should be both broad and specific to help capture a variety of search terms.make sure you have listed those too. This will help customers know more about you. Bolalist Business Directory

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