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About The "Bolalist" Directory

The "Bolalist" UK Business Directory was established in order to meet the requirements of businesses and sites that are interested in advertising themselves, and be exposed to potential customers.

Building this website combines professional knowledge, technology and the company's accumulated experience, which in turn is converted into a device that enables promotion and marketing on the Internet.

We make sure to promote our customers in leading search engines and sites. We promote this site on Google, which gives you an exposure to thousands of people.

The "Bolalist" UK Directory has a vision to lead as an index site that promotes businesses on the Internet. Management of the directory is based on advanced development ability, while using unique computerized models (SEO Search engine optimization) that allow businesses to be promoted on search engines and to give exposure to potential customers.

The "Bolalist" UK Directory allows businesses and Websites owners to add themselves to the directory for free, and so allow an optimal advertisement. This site takes advantage of the developed technology in order to achieve max exposure and to increase inquiries from customers.

While adding a new business, it's important to give emphasis to the list of words that define best your business and to the site's content. We use those words to improve and promote your site on Search engines.


We advice not to copy content from your site and to add unique content, since Google blocks duplicate content.

For more information read Google's guidelines

You can add your business immediately through the system on the site.

Click here to add a business. After approval by our site's admin, your business will appear on our directory.

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