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Cavendish Group International


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BRIC is an online marketplace which connects Brazilian, Russian, Indian and Chinese buyers with international suppliers. Their aim is to facilitate.

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BRIC is a leading online B2B marketplace that connects Brazilian, Russian, Indian and Chinese buyers with international suppliers. It is the perfect destination to find vast business resource and information in the field of international trade. They offer users the opportunity to sign up for free and to create a "MYBRIC" account. This account gives users access to the site's communication tools and enables them to send requests to international suppliers. All supplier profiles can be listed in Portuguese, Russian, English and Mandarin. BRIC users can browse all areas of the site in order to research technologies and services of interest. Industries are categorized and the site has a built-in search engine. Suppliers can register a simple corporate listing for free, or have the option to pay for a Premium Membership account. Premium account holders will be able to list comprehensive product and corporate profiles for access by BRIC users in all four languages. All Premium Members will operate their profiles through their "MYBRIC" accounts.

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London, London, England, W1F 8FN

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click to visit a website:    http://www.bric.com
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